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Pentium 4 memory
We supply a wide range of memory for the new Pentium 4 based systems.
Use our guidelines on this page to choose the right memory for your Pentium 4.
  The Intel Pentium 4 processor is becoming more and more popular in both desktop and laptop PC systems. Most Pentium 4 systems require other types of memory than the widely used 168 pin SDRAM module, so we have created this short guide to the various types of Pentium 4 memory we supply. Enjoy!

Pentium 4 Desktops

The two main types of memory used in Pentium 4 desktops are; 184 pins DDR RAM and 184 pins Rambus RIMM (also referred to as RDRAM). Although both of these memory types have 184 pins they cannot be used interchangeably, so it is vital to check the manual first to find out which type of memory is required.
If you are unsure which type of memory to look for, please mail us at info@pc-memory-upgrade.co.uk with details of your system - we will then recommend suitable memory.

Note: Some Pentium 4 systems will accept either 168 pins SDRAM or one of the above memory types. For best possibly performance we recommend that you use DDR RAM or Rambus RIMM.

We recommend the following products for Pentium 4 desktops:

Rambus RIMM (RDRAM) 184 pins
Note Rambus RIMM must always be installed in pairs of two. For example in order to add 256Mb RAM to your system, you must add 2x 128Mb modules.

» 64Mb Samsung RDRAM PC800
» 128Mb Samsung RDRAM PC800
» 256Mb Samsung RDRAM PC800
» 512Mb Samsung RDRAM PC800
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DDR RAM 184 pins
» 128Mb Nanya DDR RAM PC2100
» 256Mb Mosel DDR RAM PC2100
» 512Mb VeriTech DDR RAM PC2100
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Pentium 4 Laptops / Notebooks

Most manufacturers only released their Pentium 4 based laptop PC's early in 2002, but as with the desktops systems the Pentium 4 is increasing in popularity in the mobile computing market.

The majority of Pentium 4 laptops available today require 200 pin DDR SO-DIMM modules, and we are pleased to be able offer this type of memory to our customers.

These are the products we recommend for Pentium 4 desktops:

DDR SO-DIMM 184 pins
» 128Mb Buffalo DDR SO-DIMM PC2100 (P/N DN266-128M)
» 256Mb Buffalo DDR SO-DIMM PC2100 (P/N DN266-256M)
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