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This is where you will find information about the products we have added to our product range recently. Click on the title to read more about the product.
  New Memory Products 2

11-02-2003: OCZ Gladiator 2 Heatsink, Socket A
We have added heatsinks to our product range. The first product in stock is the OCZ Gladiator 2, designed for AMD CPU's uo to XP3100+ (Socket A).
OCZ are one of leading manufacturers of top performance heatsinks and we are planning to add further heatsinks from OCZ to our product range.

07-02-2003: 128Mb Olympus xD Picture Card
The xD Picture Card from Olympus is now available from our Flash memory card range. This type of memory is used in a wide range of digital equipment including digital camera from Olympus.
Our xD Picture Cards support the "Panorama" function used in most Olympus digital cameras.

18-01-2003: 128Mb Sony Memory Stick
We have now added the Sony Memory Stick to our range of flash memory products. The Memory Stick is suitable for digital cameras, camcorders, MP3 players and any other applications.
Our Flash memory range now includes Memory Stick, CompactFlash, SmartMedia, MultiMedia Cards, and Secure Digital Cards.

13-01-2003: OCZ DDR RAM PC-3500 Dual Channel EL memory
OCZ have recently released their new Dual Channel memory as part of their Enhanced Latency (EL) memory series. This memory module is optimised for operation in new motherboards with support for Dual Channel memory operation.
We now stock the PC3500 version of the OCZ Dual Channel memory.

06-12-2002: 512Mb Rambus RIMM 32-bit non-ECC - Samsung Original
We now stock 512Mb 32-bit Rambus RIMM modules (RIMM4200). The part-number in stock at the moment is MD16R162GDF0-CT9, which is the non-ECC 32-bit version with 232 pins.
This module is suitable for all motherboard that accept this new type of 32-bit memory, including latest boards from ASUS, EPoX, and MSI.

22-11-2002: 512Mb DDR RAM PC2700 (DDR333) - Samsung Original
512Mb DDR333 Samsung Original modules now in stock.
We have added Samsungs p/n M368L6423DTM-CB3 to our product range. This DDR RAM module is for those who want good stable performance from their system, backed by a lifetime warranty. Ideal for overclocking!

14-11-2002: Secure Digital Flash Cards from Lexar
We have added another Flash Memory type to our product range - the Secure Digital Flash Card.
Secure Digital cards are used in digital cameras and are some of the smallest Flast Memory cards available today.

07-11-2002: 256Mb DDR RAM PC3200 (DDR400) - Performance Memory
We have added some of the the popular "Performance Memory" products to our DDR RAM range. The first item in stock is the 256Mb DDR400 PC3200 module, which offers very high performance at an affordable price.

07-11-2002: 256Mb DDR RAM PC2700 (DDR333) - Samsung Original
256Mb DDR333 Samsung Original modules now in stock.
We have added Samsung p/n M368L3223DTL-CB3 to our product range. These modules are for those who want good stable performance from their system, backed by a lifetime warranty.

02-11-2002: 512Mb CompactFlash Card now available - VeriTech
We now stock 512Mb Compact Flash Cards from VeriTech. These CFC cards are for digital cameras, MP3 players and other digital equipment.
The 512Mb card is being added to our large range of CompactFlash Cards - 32Mb, 64Mb, 128Mb, and 256Mb available.

01-11-2002: GeIL PC3500 DDR433 ULTRA Platinum Series CAS 2
This is the first PC3500 CAS2 module that we have in stock. GeIL DDR433 CAS2 is manufactured using GeIL hand-pickes 4.5ns GL2000 chips and the modules have some amazing timings: CAS 2 6-3-3 1T DDR433, CAS 2 6-3-3 1T DDR400, and CAS 2 5-2-2 1T DDR333.
GeIL DDR433 modules are packed in air-sealed bags and come with tin coated copper heatspreaders. - This is another first at PC-Memory-Upgrade.co.uk.

22-10-2002: Mushkin 512MB Hi Perf Level2 PC2700 DDR 222
At last PC2700 rated CAS 2:2:2 stability!
Mushkin is one of the few memory manufacturers that supply a PC2700 DDR333 module rated at CAS222. We now stock the 512Mb version of this amazing module. All modules come with aluminium heatspreaders attached and are backed by a lifetime warranty from Mushkin.

17-10-2002: OCZ Rambus RIMM4800 PC-1200 - 32-bit RDRAM
We now have the first 32-bit RIMM4800 modules in stock. OCZ are once again the first to market with this brand new memory product. Especially designed to get the best possible performance on Intel's 850 chipset, these modules are expected to become a bestseller immediately.

11-10-2002: Samsung Rambus PC1066 512Mb modules (RIMM2100)
We will be stocking the 512Mb PC1066 modules from Friday October 11th. These are Samsung original modules allowing for maximum overclocking of Pentium 4 Rambus systems.
Technical details: 32ns, PC1066 (533Mhz), MR16R162GDF0-CT900, double-sided modules.

08-10-2002: Mushkin DDR RAM PC3200 (DDR400) High Performance
We now stock Mushkin PC3200 High Performance DDR RAM memory (DDR400). Mushkin is a memory manufacturer well known for reliability and top performance. All Mushkin modules come with copper heatspreaders and lifetime warranty.

03-10-2002: Wintec DDR RAM 3200 (DDR400), CAS2.5
We have added another high performance Wintec (Powmem) product to our range of DDR RAM. The PC3200 module from Wintec is rated at CAS2.5 and offers high performance at an affordable price. The Powmem PC3200 modules are currently available as 512Mb modules.

20-09-2002: GeIL High Performance DDR RAM now available in Europe
We are proud to be the first European reseller of the popular GeIL High Performance DDR RAM memory. The GeIL product range comprises an entire range of PC2700, PC3000, PC3200, and PC3500 memory modules for people who want serious performance and reliability.
We will be stocking the entire GeIL memory range, and the first arrivals are the PC3200 Ultra and PC3500 Platinum. Both these products are available as 256Mb and 512Mb modules and will be in stock from September 23rd 2002.

06-09-2002: DDR RAM PC2700 (DDR333) ECC Registered - Powmem
We are extending our Powmem product range with this high performance PC2700 module. It is ECC Registered memory which makes it perfectly suitable for servers, workstations and other high performance applications.

29-08-2002: DDR RAM PC2100 (DDR266) ECC Registered - Samsung
We have now added ECC Registered DDR RAM modules to our product range. The most recent product is 256Mb DDR RAM PC2100 ECC Reg. from Samsung (p/n M383L3313DTS-CB0), which is one of the most popular ECC modules around. Samsung are known for their quality products and we are pleased to extend our product range with this new product.

26-08-2002: DDR RAM PC3500 (DDR433) - OCZ
We are proud to be one of the first resellers in the world to provide PC3500 memory modules. These super-fast modules are for people who want to very best a fastest in computing - OCZ PC3500 memory!
"OCZ PC-3500 (DDR 433) memory is truly ahead of its time by using state of the art ULN technology to achieve outrageous speeds exceeding 433 MHz at CL2.5. Add our copper heat spreader to maximize cooling and extend your rams life while increasing performance. This memory surpasses even the newly adopted PC-2700 standard. OCZ PC-3500 is the best performing DDR memory on the market."

14-08-2002: RAMBUS PC1066 RIMM4200 (32-bit) - Samsung
We have added the new Samsung PC1066 32-bit RIMM4200 modules to our product range this week. The RIMM4200 modules are suitable for the ASUS P4T533-c motherboard and are the first Rambus RDRAM modules to achieve the amazing speeds of up to 1066Mhz with just one RIMM module installed.
For top performance on Pentium 4 systems with the Intel 850E chipset.

25-07-2002: RAMBUS PC1066 RDRAM - Kingston
Kingston have now released the ValueRam version of the Rambus RIMM PC1066 module, which runs speeds of up to 1066Mhz (533Mhz). Kingston offer a lifetime warranty on these modules and they are all packed in retail packaging.
Ideal for overclocking of Pentium 4 based systems with the Intel 850E chipset. Reaching amazing speeds of up to 4.2Gb/second (dual channel).

20-06-2002: RAMBUS PC1066 RDRAM - OCZ
We are now taking orders for this amazing overclocking module. The module, manufactured by OCZ, will arrive in Europe on June 25th and you can be one of the first to own it.
Ideal for overclocking of Pentium 4 based systems with the Intel 850E chipset. Reaching amazing speeds of up to 4.2Gb/second (dual channel).

19-06-2002: USB FLASH DRIVE
USB Flash Drives from 32Mb to 256Mb. This is the ideal portable storage solution that allows you to transport data between home and office, or between different PC's and laptop computers. Non-volatile flash memory and anti-shock functionality.

The MultiMedia Flash Memory card is the smallest of the Flash cards. It is the size of a postage stamp and weighs an amazing 2 grams. We supply MMC in 32Mb and 64Mb, manufactured by VeriTech and Hitachi.

We have now started selling Rambus RIMM for overclocking. The PC1066 32bit modules are ideal for overclocking of Pentium 4 based systems. Note that the 32bit modules have 232 pins and not 184 as other Rambus modules.



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