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Mushkin DDR RAM PC3500
- The latest release from Mushkin: PC-3500 (DDR433) - speeds of up to 433Mhz at CAS2.5 - most reliable memory available!
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Mushkin DDR RAM PC3500 High Performance Memory

Mushkin PC3500 DDR RAM The brand new memory module from Mushkin is finally here - - PC3500 DDR433 DDR RAM!
Mushkin has a reputation of manufacturing some of the most reliable and best performing DDR RAM memory available. We now stock their brand new PC3500 memory module, which is rated to reach speeds of 433Mhz at CAS2.5.

Quote from Mushkin.com:
"Our PC3500 is built on a custom 6 layer PCB using the highest quality 5 ns hand tested discreet components available in the memory industry. Through fine-tuning of the resistor network on the PCB we have been able to achieve the highest possible speed beyond 433 MHz while maintaining the capability for low latency operation. Our custom-designed Copper Heat Spreader reduces the risk of thermal runaway of localized hot spots within the memory core and further increases overclocking margins of the modules. Tested compatible with VIA, AMD, Intel, NVidia and Sis chipsets. Overclockability of your system is dependent on all other components including but not limited to Motherboard, CPU, graphics and PCI cards and other peripheral devices. Our PC3500 eliminates the memory as a potential bottleneck when overclocking. Tested on motherboards with the KT400, P4X400 and NForce2 chipsets most of which are officially supporting the PC3200 (DDR 400) spec. Overclocking is not officially supported. Please check your motherboard manual for more information.

In stock now!


  • Copper heatspreader build
  • PC3500 = 433MHz DRAM Bus
  • Unbuffered, 6-Layer PCB
  • Rated 2.5-4-4
  • 32x8 chips
  • Hand tested!
  • Lifetime warranty

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