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PC2100 ECC Registered
- ECC Registered DDR RAM is suitable for servers and workstations. This module from Infineon is a 256Mb PC2100 module and it comes with lifetime warranty.
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256Mb PC2100 ECC Reg. DDR RAM (DDR266) - Infineon HYS72D32000GR-7-B

Infineon 256Mb PC2100 ECC Reg. Registered DDR RAM with ECC is suitable for servers, workstations and certain desktop systems supporting ECC.
ECC = Error Checking and Correction
ECC not only detects single-bit errors - this facility repairs errors on the fly, so you will not notice that an error has occured.

Infineon has been making memory for servers for a long time now and this is some of the most reliable memory available for DDR RAM based systems.

In stock from April 18th 2003!


  • 256Mb modules available
  • CL2 @ 2.5V
  • 184 pin DDR RAM DIMM
  • PC2100 (DDR266 / 266Mhz)
  • Double-sided, 9 chips
  • 32Mx72 construction
  • Module p/n: HYS72D32000GR-7-B
  • Chips p/n: HYB25D256800BT-7
  • Lifetime warranty

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