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PC3500 Golden Dragon
Optimised for use in Dual Channel chipsets like the Canterwood, Springdale, E7205 and Nforce2. Using WLCSP packaging technology to reduce heat and improve performance.
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GeIL PC3500 DDR433 Golden Dragon Dual Channel DDR Series

GeIL PC3500 Golden Dragon Dual Channel The GeIL Golden Dragon DDR Series has finally arrived!

GeIL has released the revolutionary Golden Dragon Series to the ultimate PC enthusiast. The Golden Dragon Series, unlike the traditional module using the TSOP packing, features the most advanced WLCSP (Wafer Level Chip Scale Packing) for the memory module. GeIL is now first and only memory manufacturer that has the WLCSP technology ready for high-end memory modules. Using the WLCSP, each die from wafer were directly map to the PCB board without any additional wiring/components and thus reduce the noises for the data signals. As a result, GeIL's Golden Dragon can achieve faster speeds and better performance for the system. The SPD for the Golden Dragon Dual Channel DDR Kit is optimized for the newest Intel Canterwood, Springdale, E7205 and NVIDIA's Nforce2 chipsets to take advantage of its full potential performance. Golden Dragon is simply the best DDR memory product for any PC enthusiast.

GeIL Golden Dragon PackagingThe high speed is achieved from GeILís industry-leading engineering technology: Wafer Level Chip Scale Package (WLCSP). Each chip is directly mounted to the moduleís PCB in its original wafer format and die size without any type of conventional packaging. Thus, there are no soldering legs as with the conventional method. This break thru technology not only dramatically reduces the electro-magnetic noise, the module also produces very little heat under stressed operation. The end result is high bus clock speed and low operational temperature. No heat spreader is required. And because of its low electro-magnetic noise (EMC), when equipped, the computer receives higher system-wide stability and greater overclocking potential.

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Ľ GeIL Golden Dragon PC3500 433MHz Dual Channel DDR Series

GeIL Golden Dragon DDR Series. The high speed is achieved from GeILís industry-leading engineering technology: Wafer Level Chip Scale Package (WLCSP)

  • 512Mb kit (2x 256Mb modules) available
  • 1Gb kit (2x 512Mb modules) available
  • Hand Picked 4.5ns GeIL Chips
  • WLCSP Memory features GeIL trademark on the wafer.
  • Optimized SPD for Dual Channel DDR motherboards
  • Classic Asian antique-type black retail pack
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 6 Layers Ultra Low Noises Shielded Golden Color PCB board.
  • Dragon Eye: One red led on PCB board for memory module ON/OFF detection.
  • CAS2 6-3-3 1T Running @ DDR433Mhz PC3500
  • 2.5v-2.9V
  • Further specifications

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