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New products in stock
G.Skill DDR RAM in stock
We have extended our range of G.Skill memory to include some of the best kits available today - all based on Samsung TCCD chips. Some of the best overclocking memory available!
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OCZ ModStream Power Supply 450W 520W
OCZ ModStream 450W
Brand new PSU range from OCZ, available in 450W/520W versions. A very cool top-performing Power Supply that comes with plenty of cables allowing each user to optimise the use of their PSU.
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Transcend RS-MMC Reduced Size MMC
Reduced Size MMC Cards
One of the smallest types of Flash memory available, weighing only 1g. Ideal for mobile phones and other ultra-compact devices. Available in 256Mb and 512Mb sizes.
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Sandisk miniSD Card
Sandisk miniSD Cards
Brand new reduced size Secure Digital card from Sandisk - the miniSD card. About 60% smaller than ordinary SD cards and especially designed for mobile phones and other small digital devices.
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Mushkin DDR2-533 Dual Channel kits
Mushkin PC2-4200 (DDR2-533)
Latest release from Mushkin, 1Gb and 2Gb DDR2-533 Dual Channel kits. Some of the best performing DDR2 for the new PC2 platforms. Rated 4-4-4-12.
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Recent price changes
14/01: 128Mb Transcend JetFlash DSC
Reduced 6,7%, Now: EUR 56.00
13/01: 512Mb xD Card Olympus
Reduced 6,7%, Now: EUR 98.00
11/01: 1Gb PC3200 Level1 Mushkin
Reduced 4,6%, Now: EUR 248.00
10/01: 1Gb PC4200 GeIL Ultra DC
Reduced 3,7%, Now: EUR 288.00
08/01: 1Gb DDR2-5400 OCZ Perf.
Reduced 5,8%, Now: EUR 325.00
19/12: 512Mb 45x CompactFlash CFC
Reduced 9,2%, Now: EUR 59.00
18/12: 1Gb PC3500 Mushkin Level1
Reduced 16,1%, Now: EUR 281.00
16/12: 2Gb NEON USB Flash Drive
Reduced 7,5%, Now: EUR 235.00
13/12: 512Mb Transcend MMC
Reduced 11,7%, Now: EUR 52.00
05/12: 1Gb DDR2-5400 OCZ Perf.
Reduced 11,3%, Now: EUR 352.00
05/12: 512Mb DDR PC2700 PQI
Reduced 9,6%, Now: EUR 85.00

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Online Memory Configurator
Memory upgrades for 30,000 systems
Online Memory Configurator Not sure which memory type you need for your system?
Use our Online Memory Configurator to locate suitable memory for more than 30,000 PCs, laptops, servers, workstations, motherboards, printers and network equipment.
Every memory module listed in our configurator comes with guaranteed compatibility and lifetime warranty.

Find your memory here!

OCZ PC4400 has landed!
OCZ PC4400 now in stock!
The memory release we have been waiting for since the beginning of 2004 is finally here...
- - the OCZ PC4400 Dual Channel kits are now finally in stock.
These modules are the fastest DDR RAM modules available today, rated to reach speeds up to 550Mhz in dual channel configuration.

Tempted? Then check out this memory HERE!

Introducing Mushkin PC3200 Special 2-2-2
Mushkin PC3200 with Winbond BH-6
Mushkin PC3200 Special 2-2-2 Brand new memory from Mushkin to replace their Level2 range - the PC3200 Special Edition 2-2-2 with Winbond BH-6 chips.
Using hand-selected BH6 chips these modules perform as well as Level2 memory at PC3200 speeds.
Available for a limited time only!

Read more here

GoBeyond MP3 Player, Voice Recorder and FM Radio
GoBeyond MP3 Player and Digital Voice Recorder
MP3/WMA Player, DVR and FM Radio
Brand new release of the popular GoBeyond MP3 Player!
This is the latest GoBeyond MP3 Player with built-in Digital Voice Recorder and USB drive. The MP3 player also supports WMA music files and it comes with FM radio earphones which means you can now catch the latest news no matter where you go.
We stock this MP3 player in 128Mb and 256Mb sizes which allows you to store up to 73 songs (*) on the player.

Product links: GoBeyond MP3 Player - Full MP3 player listing

(*) Based on 3,5Mb per MP3 song

USB Flash Drives - USB1.1 and USB2.0
USB Flash Memory Drives
USB Flash Drive GoBeyondWe stock a large range of USB drives from 32Mb to 2Gb.
The latest USB version is USB2.0, which is up to 10 times faster than the older USB1.1 standard.
USB Drives is ideal for people on the move - allowing you to store information from any Windows or MAC system and bring it with you. A 512Mb drive holds the same information as over 350 floppy disks.

Ideal Christmas present idea!!

OCZ EL PC4200 DDR RAM Dual Channel - CAS2.5
Fastest DDR RAM: PC4200 from OCZ
OCZ EL PC4200 Dual Channel DDR RAMBrand new release from OCZ Technology - the OCZ EL PC4200 Dual Channel DDR RAM.... These kits are available as 512Mb and 1Gb Dual Channel Optimised kits and they are rated CAS 2.5-4-4-7 which makes them the fastest DDR RAM available today.
Once again OCZ are ahead of the competition with this latest release!

Read more about these amazing modules here!

jazPiper MP3 players - UBit and DVE128U+
jazPiper MP3 Players in stock
jazPiper DVE128U+ MP3 Player New cool range of MP3 players from jazPiper now in stock.
JazPiper MP3 players are some of the best quality MP3 players available and they come packed with lots of features like digital voice recorder, cool blue backlit LCD, various play modes, improved play controls, expandable memory, MP3 encoder, support for MP3 and WMA files etc. etc.

In stock now:
jazPiper UBit MP3 Player
jazPiper DVE128U+ MP3 Player
GoBeyond MP3 Player + Voice Recorder
Full MP3 Player listing

Mushkin PC3500 Level2 2-2-2 DDR RAM
Mushkin Level II PC3500!
Mushkin Enhanced Memory SystemsBrand new release from Mushkin - the PC3500 Level2 DDR RAM. We now stock this memory as single modules (256Mb and 512Mb) and as dual channel kits (512Mb and 1Gb).
Mushkin Level2 modules use Winbond BH-5 chips and as with all Mushkin memory these modules will give any memory-hungry system a boost of extra performance!

Update: These kits have now sold out!!

OCZ PC4000 EL DDR Gold Edition
PC4000/DDR500 EL Gold memory from OCZ
PC4000 EL Gold Edition Brand new release from OCZ is the PC4000 Gold Edition EL DDR RAM memory module.
Optimised for use in the Intel 875/865 chipsets - Canterwood and Springdale - these modules are already in high demand.
And equipped with cool golden heatspreaders these also look good in any system!
In stock July 2003

Winbond BH-5 update
Mushkin Level2 with BH-5 chips
Winbond have stopped production of the legendary BH-5 chips some time ago. The BH-5 chips are well known for their ability to overclock and have long been a hit with overclockers and gamers.
Mushkin have been the last company to make DDR RAM with these chips - their Level2 PC3200 and PC3500 use BH-5 chips. Unfortunately Mushkin have now run out of BH-5 chips, and the Level2 range has been discontinued. We still have limited quantities of their Level2 DDR RAM in stock... this is the very last chance to get your hands on the BH-5 chips!

Mushkin PC3200 Level2 - Mushkin PC3500 Level2

Update: All Mushkin Level2 has been sold out!

512Mb Magic Star MP3 Player now in stock
Magic Star MP3 Player
Magic Star MP3 Player We have now added the 512MB Magic Star drive to our range of MP3 players. The Magic Star has been available in 64Mb, 128Mb and 256Mb sizes for some time and our customers have requested a larger version - so here it is!
3-in-1: MP3 player, USB pen drive and mobile email application
One of our most popular products at the moment!

OCZ Dual Channel PC3200 / PC3500 Platinum Edition
PC3200 and PC3500 Dual Channel memory
OCZ Platinum Dual Channel DDR RAMOCZ Platinum Edition Dual Channel memory now in stock. Optimised for Intel Canterwood i875, Springdale i865, Nforce2 and other Dual Channel chipsets.
We have the following Dual Channel kits in stock now:
512Mb and 1Gb Platinum kit PC3200 / DDR400
512Mb and 1Gb Platinum kit PC3500 / DDR433

Kingmax TinyBGA DDR RAM and SDRAM now in stock
We now also stock Kingmax memory
Kingmax memoryDue to a large amount of customer requests we have added Kingmax TinyBGA memory to our product range. We stock high performance DDR RAM (PC2700 and PC3200) from Kingmax along with SDRAM and DDR SO-DIMM laptop memory.
Kingmax high performance memory is an affordable option and Kingmax have managed to create their TinyBGA brand at some superb prices without sacrificing performance. Read more here.

Dual Channel DDR RAM - PC2700, PC3200, PC3500
Need Dual Channel DDR RAM ?
We stock a complete range of DDR RAM optimised for the new Dual Channel chipsets.
Dual Channel DDR kits are available only from leading manufacturers and we stock this memory type from Mushkin, OCZ and GeIL.

Dual Channel DDR RAM    Most popular PC2700 DDR333 Dual Channel kits:
   - 512Mb PC-2700 EL OCZ Dual Channel (2x 256Mb)
   - 1Gb PC-2700 Level2 Mushkin Dual Channel (2x 512Mb)

   Most popular PC3200 DDR400 Dual Channel kits:
   - 512Mb PC-3200 Level2 Mushkin Dual Channel (2x 256Mb)
   - 1Gb PC-3200 Level2 Mushkin Dual Channel (2x 512Mb)

   Most popular PC3500 DDR433 Dual Channel kits:
   - 512Mb PC-3500 EL OCZ Dual Channel (2x 256Mb)
   - 1Gb PC-3500 GeIL Platinum Series Dual Channel (2x 512Mb)

Brand new from Mushkin: DDR RAM PC3200 Rated 2-2-2 - HiPerf Level2

PC3200 DDR RAM Level2 - rated 2-2-2
Brand new memory release from Mushkin. The Level2 HiPerf PC3200 module is rated CAS2 2-2-2 and is by far the most reliable PC3200 module available today!
PC3200 Level2 Dual Channel packs now also available!
Delivered in retail packaging and with silver or purple alu heatspreaders.
Our favourite PC3200 DDR RAM module!

32-bit Rambus RIMM from Samsung and OCZ - cheapest ever!

Special offer on Rambus RIMM3200/RIMM4200/RIMM4800 memory - 32-bit, 232 pin modules for new Pentium 4 boards.
(Suitable for ASUS P4T533, MSI MS-6592, EPoX EP-4T4A+ and other Intel 850 based chipsets)

Special offers on:
PC800 (RIMM3200) RDRAM
PC1066 (RIMM4200) RDRAM
PC1200 (RIMM4800) RDRAM

 Specialists in Flash memory - all types in stock!
6-in-1 Flash Card Reader At PC-Memory-Upgrade.co.uk we supply a complete 512Mb Compact Flash Cardrange of Flash memory cards for digital cameras, MP3's etc. - including CompactFlash Cards (CFC), SmartMedia Cards (SMC), MultiMedia Card (MMC), Secure Digital (SD), Sony Memory Stick, and xD Picture Card.
And why not use our handy 6-in-1 Flash Card Reader USB1.1/USB2.0 to read from and write to your Flash memory cards.

See our complete Flash memory card range here.

Magic Star: MP3 Player, USB Pen Drive and mobile email client!

Magic Star MP3 Player Magic Star MP3 Player
The Magic Star is an MP3 Player, USB Pen Drive and mobile email client - all in one! Simply download your MP3 files to the Magic Star, take it with you and listen to your favourite songs anytime - anywhere!
Available in 64Mb, 128Mb and 256Mb.
More information

 Top performance OCZ DDR RAM - PC2700, PC3200, PC3500, PC3700
  Special low prices available on OCZ memory - every day!!

OCZ Technology is the world leader in high performance DDR RAM and we are pleased to offer our customers the entire OCZ DDR product range from PC2700 to PC3500 at the lowest ever prices.
If you want the best for your PC - you want OCZ!

  OCZ EL DDR PC3500Fastest DDR RAM available - OCZ PC-3500
OCZ's flagship product - the OCZ EL DDR PC-3500 CAS2 module - has recently been reviewed on OCPrices.com and not surprisingly it came out as the overall winner of this PC3200/PC3500 shootout.
The OCZ module reached an amazing 490Mhz in this review - 57Mhz past the rated speed.
We stock this module in both the 256Mb and 512Mb versions.
If you want the best for your PC - you want OCZ!

 GeIL High Performance PC2700, PC3200, PC3500, PC3700
Super Performance - and Super Looks!

The GeIL Ultra and GeIL Platinum product ranges offer impressive performance for overclocking and high performance applications.
We supply PC2700 Ultra (DDR333, CAS2) - PC3200 Ultra (DDR400, CAS2), PC3500 Platinum (DDR433, CAS2.5) and PC3700 Platinum (CAS2) and not only do you get super performance - The modules are also delivered in the coolest packaging you have ever seen!
GeIL DDR RAM Tin coated copper heat spreaders on PC3500
Pure copper heat spreader on PC2700-PC3200
Modules individually air sealed
Packed in acrylic case (neon or clear)
More GeIL information and pictures HERE


Online Memory Configurator

Memory offers
1Gb PC2100 DDR 176.00
512Mb PC2700 DDR 79.00
512Mb PC3200 DDR 77.00
512Mb PC3500 DDR 152.00
512Mb PC4000 DDR 120.00
512Mb PC4400 DDR 181.00
256Mb PC4800 DDR 88.00
256Mb PC800 RDRAM 106.00
512Mb PC800 RDRAM 210.00
256Mb PC1066 RDRAM 114.00
256Mb PC133 SDRAM 43.00
512Mb PC133 SDRAM 90.00
128Mb Secure Digital 18.00
256Mb MultiMedia Card 27.00
128Mb CompactFlash 18.00
2.2Gb Microdrive 163.00
256Mb xD Picture Card 58.00
256Mb Memory Stick 60.00
256Mb USB Flash Drive 31.00
256Mb Magic Star MP3 91.00
All prices incl. VAT and delivery*

Top selling memory for overclocking and gaming
» Mushkin PC3200 Level2
» OCZ PC4400 Dual Channel
» OCZ PC4200 EL Dual Channel
» OCZ PC4000 Gold Dual
» OCZ PC4200 Premier Dual
» AData PC4000 Vitesta DDR500
» GeIL Golden Dragon PC3200
» 1Gb Mushkin Dual PC3200
» 512Mb Mushkin PC2700 Level2
» 512Mb GeIL PC3700 CAS2.5
» 512Mb Kingmax TinyBGA
» 256Mb Mushkin PC3500 DDR
» 256Mb OCZ PC3700 EL DDR
Full list of overclocking memory

New memory products
Transcend Reduced Size MMC
Sandisk miniSD Card 128/256Mb
AData Vitesta DDR566/PC4500
OCZ 1Gb PC4000 Gold Rev.2 OCZ
OCZ PowerStream PSU
AData DDR2-533 256/512/1Gb
OCZ 512Mb EB PC3500 dual kit
OCZ PC4400 Gold Dual Channel
GeIL PC4400 Ultra Platinum
Kingston PC4000 HyperX Dual
Kingston PC3700 HyperX Dual
OCZ Enhanced Bandwidth PC3500
Patriot 1Gb PC3500 Low Latency
Magicstor 2.2Gb Microdrive
Sandisk 256Mb Ultra II SD
GeIL PC3500 Ultra Platinum
Transcend 1Gb PC2100 DDR
Transcend 45x CompactFlash
Transcend DDR400 DDR SO-DIMM
OCZ PC3500 Gold Edition
AMD XP2800+ CPU Barton

Pentium 4 memory
We supply one of the most comprehensive ranges of memory for Pentium 4 based desktop and laptop computers.
All our Pentium 4 memory comes with guaranteed compatibility.
Read our Pentium 4 Memory Guide here

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Rambus RIMM PC1066
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