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GoldFlash Flash Memory
- GoldFlash is our new range of high-performance, ultra-reliable flash memory cards. Available in a range of models, including Secure Digital, miniSD, RSMMC, MMCmobile and other types.
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GoldFlash Flash Memory Cards

GoldFlash RSMMCGoldFlash MMCGoldFlash miniSDGoldFlash Secure Digital
We are proud to introduce the GoldFlash Flash Memory Card range to the European market. In fact, Gobeyond (the company behind this website) is the first distributor and reseller of GoldFlash in the European market.

GoldFlash is our new "top-of-the-range" brand in Flash memory. Here are some of the reasons we are very pleased to recommend this brand to any customer considering purchasing Flash memory:

- GoldFlash Flash memory comes with 7 years warranty, which is longer than the majority of other brands.

- GoldFlash is manufactured in Korea by a 1st venture company of Samsung, the worlds largest memory manufacturer.

- GoldFlash is manufactured using only Samsung NAND Flash chips. Samsung Flash chips are the best performing in the industry, which leads to better performance and reliability.

- GoldFlash memory cards are faster than standard memory cards. Eg. GoldFlash Secure Digital has a speed rating of 66x compared with 30x-45x for mainstream cards. GoldFlash MMCmobile cards have a speed rating of 132x.

- GoldFlash memory chips use the "SLC Technology" (Single Level Cell technology) which is better performing than the mainstream MLC Technology (Multi Level Cell technology).

- GoldFlash memory cards come with gold labels which means that not only does the memory performance well - it also looks good.


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