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New products in stock
Kingston U3 DataTraveler
Kingston U3 DataTraveler
Kingstons U3 compatible USB Flash drive, USB2.0 compliant. This drive allows you to run U3 applications on your USB drive.
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NEON 225 MP3 Player
NEON 225 MP3 Player
Brand new cool looking NEON MP3 Player. Lots of features including Voice Recorder, MP3/WMA support, backlit LCD. We have the 512Mb and 1Gb versions in stock now.
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512Mb TransFlash Sandisk
512Mb Sandisk TransFlash
Largest TransFlash memory card currently available - the 512Mb card from Sandisk. Suitable for many new Motorola phones. 128Mb and 256Mb versions also available in stock.
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GeIL ONE TCCD CL1.5 Series
GeIL ONE TCCD CL1.5 kits
GeILs new ONE series is the first DDR RAM memory rated CL1.5 at DDR400 speeds. Available in 512Mb/1Gb dual channel kits with TCCD or BH chips these are a must for ultra-low latency fans.
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1Gb miniSD Secure Digital GoldFlash
1Gb miniSD Secure Digital
Brand new 1Gb miniSD High-Speed Secure Digital cards in stock. Made by GoldFlash these are some of the fastest miniSD cards available.
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Recent price changes
25/05: 40Gb Transcend StoreJet HDD
Reduced 5.1%, Now: EUR 188.00
22/05: 2Gb Fingerprint Flash Drive
Reduced 14.8%, Now: EUR 69.00
19/05: 4Gb Transcend 120x CompactFlash
Reduced 19.7%, Now: EUR 122.00
24/04: 2Gb Transcend 80x SD Card
Reduced 23.8%, Now: EUR 64.00
18/04: 1Gb DDR2-8000 (1000MHz) Patriot
Reduced 32.8%, Now: EUR 187.50
06/04: 2Gb OCZ PC3200 Platinum kit
Reduced 17.3%, Now: EUR 239.00
04/04: 2Gb Sandisk Memory Stick PRO Duo
Reduced 12.0%, Now: EUR 139.00
03/03: 4Gb Transcend 150x SD Card
Reduced 23.4%, Now: EUR 198.00
24/02: 2Gb Mushkin XP2-5300 kit
Reduced 7.1%, Now: EUR 315.00
29/01: 512Mb Sandisk TransFlash MicroSD
Reduced 5.6%, Now: EUR 59.50
20/01: 1Gb MMC Mobile Kingston
Reduced 11.5%, Now: EUR 85.00

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Your Specialist Computer Memory and Overclocking Supplier!
DDR2 now in stock! Whether you are looking to boost performance in your old home PC, upgrade your laptop memory, add Flash memory to your camera - or maybe you are looking for the latest high performance RDRAM for Pentium 4 systems or DDR RAM for gaming and overclocking... We have it all!
Use the menu above to look through our selection of computer memory.

New: 1Gb Sandisk TransFlash micro SD for mobile phones!
New: Sony Playstation Portable PSP memory cards!
2Gb MMC MultiMedia Cards available

Featured products

1Gb Kingston U3 DataTraveler
U3 Compatible USB Drive
Brand new Kingston U3 DataTraveler. We stock the 1Gb version which is USB2.0 High-Speed compatible. Run U3 compatible applications on your USB Flash Drive.

EUR 43.00 incl. VAT
G.Skill 2Gb PC4000 Dual Channel kit
2Gb PC4000 kit from G.Skill
This is a brand new release from G.Skill, the HZ Series 2Gb PC4000 dual channel kit. Priced way below the competition these kits are already in high demand.

EUR 222.00 incl. VAT
1Gb Sandisk Memory Stick PRO Duo
1Gb Memory Stick PRO Duo
Memory card for the Sony PlayStation PSP from Sandisk. This 1Gb memory card is fully compatible with the Sony PSP and is also suitable for most other Sony devices.

EUR 68.00 incl. VAT

1Gb RSMMC MultiMedia card
1Gb RS-MMC Reduced Size
As always we are first with the latest memory products - this this the 1Gb RSMMC memory cards for mobile phones and other SD/MMC compatible devices. Price for 1Gb card:

EUR 48.00 incl. VAT
Mushkin DDR2-533 3-3-3
Mushkin DDR2-533 (4200) Rated 3-2-2-8
Brand new low-latency DDR2 dual channel kits from Mushkin. Each kit is hand tested by Mushkin and is equipped with alu heatspreaders.

EUR 136.00 incl. VAT
NEON OXY MP3 Player and FM Radio
New version: NEON OXY MP3 Player with FM Radio
Brand new NEON OXY MP3 Player with lots of cool features like Voice Recorder, FM Radio, USB memory and much more. Now also with WMA support. 128Mb to 1Gb in stock now!

EUR 24.00 incl. VAT

27/04/06: A-Data myFlash Fingerprint USB2.0 Flash Drives
USB2.0 Flash Drive with Fingerprint encryption
A-Data myFlash Fingerprint USB2.0 Flash Drive
Brand new into stock today - the A-Data myFlash Fingerprint USB2.0 Flash Drive. This drive has a built-in sweep sensor which allows for the best security on any USB drive today. The drive will only allow access to the data if the fingerprint is recognised.
This drive has recently won the 2006 CES innovation award for "outstanding design and engineering achievements in the consumer electronics field" - read the full press release here, or go straight to the product page.

Further information available here!

28/10/05: G.Skill 2Gb PC4000 Dual Channel kit
2Gb PC4000 from G.Skill
G.Skill 2Gb PC4000Brand new release from G.Skill - a 2Gb PC4000 dual channel kit that is sure to suit every budget. This kit offers superb performance at an amazing price. Equipped with cool black alu heatspreaders this 2Gb kit is just about as good as it gets.

Further information available here!

04/07/05: OCZ PC3500 Gold Gamer eXtreme (GX Series)
OCZ PC3500 Gold GX Series
OCZ PC3500 Gamer eXtreme GXOCZ PC3500 Gold Gamer eXtreme Series is the latest addition to the OCZ extreme-speed Gold Series family. As part of the award winning OCZ Gold series, PC-3500 Gold is built with leading edge technology designed to provide users with unwavering performance features capable of excelling in even the most demanding gaming environments.

Further information available here!

07/06/05: GoldFlash Flash Memory Cards!
GoldFlash High Performance Flash
GoldFlash is our new range of high performance Flash memory cards. All GoldFlash memory cards come with 7 years warranty and each card offers better performance and higher transfer speeds than most mainstream cards. Add to that gold labels and you have the coolest memory cards available!
Read more about the GoldFlash brand here.
GoldFlash RSMMCGoldFlash MMCGoldFlash miniSDGoldFlash Secure Digital

19/05/05: OCZ Gold DDR2 PC2-6400 Dual Channel CAS5 kit!
OCZ PC2-6400 DDR2 Gold
OCZ Gold DDR2 PC2-6400 Dual kitBrand new memory release from OCZ - the fastest DDR2 dual channel kits available today: DDR2 800MHz (PC2-6400)
We stock these DDR2 Gold kits in the 1GB version (2x 512Mb modules). Rated CAS5 (5-5-5-10) these kits offer superb performance at a very reasonable price.

Further information available here!

08/05/05: Sandisk TransFlash memory cards!
Sandisk TransFlash memory cards
Sandisk Transflash 128MbNew type of Sandisk memory card - the TransFlash memory cards.

These cards are designed for ultra-compact electronic devices such as mobile phones. Currently new Motorola phones use these memory cards and we expect a large number of the phones manufacturers to add support for TransFlash cards in the future.

Currently available in 128Mb and 256Mb sizes.

26/04/05: Sandisk Extreme III Flash Memory Cards in stock!
Sandisk Extreme III
Sandisk Extreme III Memory CardsWe are proud to stock Sandisks top-of-the-range Flash memory cards - the Extreme III memory card range!

The Extreme III range is designed especially with the professional photographer in mind. The cards support Extreme transfer speeds, reliability and they are tested in extreme temperature ranges. Add to this Sandisks lifetime warranty and these cards really are a must for any high-end photographer.

Currently in stock:
Sandisk Extreme III Secure Digital SD
Sandisk Extreme III CompactFlash CFC

29/03/05: OCZ EL PC4800 Platinum Dual Channel kits in stock!
OCZ PC4800 Platinum
PCZ EL PC4800 Platinum Dual Channel kitOCZ have finally released their top-of-the-range DDR RAM kit:
The PC4800 Enhanced Latency Platinum Dual Channel!

This memory kit is designed especially for the Athlon 64 platform and is rated to reach speeds of 600MHz at low timings (CL2.5-4-4-10 2T). We have the 1Gb PC4800 in stock now and we expect them to be a big seller.

Check out our range of PC4800 DDR RAM here

15/01/05: Full range of G.Skill DDR RAM now available from PCMU!
G.Skill DDR RAM in stock
G.Skill PC3200 2-2-2-5 TCCD Dual ChannelOver the past weeks we have seen demand for G.Skill memory increase significantly - so we have decided to add the full range of G.Skill DDR RAM to our product range.
As of today, we have the following G.Skill product range in stock:

LA Series: PC4800(DDR600) 3-4-4-8 PC3200 2-2-2-5
LC Series: PC4400(DDR550) 2.5-4-4-8 PC3200 2-2-2-5
LE Series: PC4400(DDR550) 2.5-3-3-7 PC3200 2-2-2-5

OCZ DDR PC3700 Gold Rev.3 Dual Channel
OCZ PC3700 Gold Rev.3
OCZ PC3700 Gold Rev.3 Dual ChannelNew release from OCZ, the PC3700 Gold Rev.3. Rates CAS2.5-3-3 these kits are ideal for gamers and PC enthusiasts who want the very best memory for their system.
OCZ PC-3700 products are 100% hand-tested to ensure compliance with stringent quality standards. In addition, every Dual Channel Kit from OCZ is hand tested as a matched pair across a wide variety of motherboards to ensure flawless performance on most motherboards.

Transcend 45x Ultra-Performance CompactFlash
Ultra-fast CompactFlash
CompactFlash 1Gb 45x Ultra PerformanceNew range of Ultra Performance high speed memory cards from Transcend in stock. These CompactFlash cards are up to 3-4 times faster than standard CompactFlash cards we we stock these from 128Mb to 2Gb (4Gb cards also available).
We recommend Transcend! - Transcend is our preferred supplier of flash memory. We have chosen to recommend Transcend over other brands due to the proven quality and reliability of Transcend flash memory. In addition, Transcend flash cards has to lowest fault rate of any flash memory manufacturer.

USB Drives - prices reduced!
Price reductions on all USB Flash Drives
18/08/04: We have reduced the prices on every single USB Flash Drive today. Price reduction applies to both USB1.1 and USB2.0 drives.
The USB Drives are the best solution for portable storage that fits into a pocket - these drives are available from 32Mb up to 4Gb and they are available in lots of shapes, sizes, brands and colours.
Full USB Flash Drive listing available here.

Mushkin PC3200 Special 2-2-2 Update
End of an Era... Mushkin Special 2-2-2
Mushkin PC3200 Special 2-2-2 Mushkin have discontinued their popular PC3200 Special 2-2-2 product range with immediate effect (July 1st 2004). The 2-2-2 release was manufactured using Winbond BH-6 chips, but unfortunately there are no more BH-6 chips available in the market - which means no more Mushkin Special 2-2-2.
We still have limited availability of the 2-2-2 kit but we do expect them to sell fast, so be sure to place your order fast if you have not already got your hands on any BH-6 based modules.

Transcend StoreJet Portable Hard Disk
1.8" Portable Hard Drive, Transcend
Transcend StoreJet Transcend 1.8" Portable Hard Drive Now Available - Smallest External Hard Drive in the Market Today

The brand new Transcend 1.8" USB2.0 portable hard drive (StoreJet) is roughly the size of a standard business card and it has more than enough capacity (20GB/40GB) for all your data storage needs. No need to carry around another troublesome power brick either; it is powered directly from the USB port. This StoreJet pocket drive is perfect for the person always on the go.

More information here!

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Memory offers
512Mb PC2100 DDR 57.00
512Mb PC2700 DDR 49.00
512Mb PC3200 DDR 50.00
512Mb PC3500 DDR 70.00
512Mb PC4000 DDR 93.00
512Mb PC4400 DDR 114.00
256Mb PC4800 DDR 71.00
1Gb PC2-4200 DDR2 110.00
256Mb PC800 RDRAM 105.00
512Mb PC800 RDRAM 208.00
256Mb PC1066 RDRAM 102.00
256Mb PC133 SDRAM 43.00
512Mb PC133 SDRAM 90.00
256Mb Secure Digital 27.00
256Mb MultiMedia Card 20.00
128Mb CompactFlash 15.00
2.2Gb Microdrive 140.00
256Mb xD Picture Card 39.00
256Mb Memory Stick 43.00
256Mb USB Flash Drive 27.00
256Mb Magic Star MP3 64.00
All prices incl. VAT and delivery*

Top selling memory for overclocking and gaming
» Mushkin PC3200 Level2
» OCZ PC4400 Dual Channel
» OCZ PC4200 EL Dual Channel
» OCZ PC4000 Gold Dual
» OCZ PC4200 Premier Dual
» AData PC4000 Vitesta DDR500
» GeIL Golden Dragon PC3200
» 1Gb Mushkin Dual PC3200
» 512Mb Mushkin PC2700 Level2
» 512Mb GeIL PC3700 CAS2.5
» 512Mb Kingmax TinyBGA
» 256Mb Mushkin PC3500 DDR
» 256Mb OCZ PC3700 EL DDR
Full list of overclocking memory

New memory products
GeIL 2Gb PC2-4300 Dual kit
Transcend Reduced Size MMC
Sandisk miniSD Card 128/256Mb
AData Vitesta DDR566/PC4500
OCZ 1Gb PC4000 Gold Rev.2 OCZ
OCZ PowerStream PSU
AData DDR2-533 256/512/1Gb
OCZ 512Mb EB PC3500 dual kit
OCZ PC4400 Gold Dual Channel
GeIL PC4400 Ultra Platinum
Kingston PC4000 HyperX Dual
Kingston PC3700 HyperX Dual
OCZ Enhanced Bandwidth PC3500
Patriot 1Gb PC3500 Low Latency
Magicstor 2.2Gb Microdrive
Sandisk 256Mb Ultra II SD
GeIL PC3500 Ultra Platinum
Transcend 1Gb PC2100 DDR
Transcend 45x CompactFlash
Transcend DDR400 DDR SO-DIMM
OCZ PC3500 Gold Edition

Pentium 4 memory
We supply one of the most comprehensive ranges of memory for Pentium 4 based desktop and laptop computers.
All our Pentium 4 memory comes with guaranteed compatibility.
Read our Pentium 4 Memory Guide here

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